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This presentation speaks to the various types of canoes & paddles and when they were used, the protocols surrounding canoe racing, and how to properly handle the canoe and paddles.

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This presentation will tell the origin story of Xepa:y (The Cedar Tree), and how the Sto:lo (People of the River) to this day utilize every portion of the tree.

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Students will be taught about the medicine of songs, where songs come from, the components of the drum and drumstick, and the protocols behind using a drum.

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Paddle Necklace

This presentation will speak to the importance of the cedar paddle, share teachings and protocols regarding paddling and allow students to create their own mini-paddle necklace.

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Rock Painting

This presentation will touch on pictographs, showing examples, sharing their meanings and providing an option for students to create a pictograph on a rock that they may keep.

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This presentation shares the history behind this fun game and allows students a chance to try this guessing game.

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